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    • KRAFT Wine Shipper States eligible for free shipping: CA, DC, IA, IL, IN, KS, MD, MO, NC, NV, OR, PA, VA, WV* ($565 minimum order requirement)

    • Molded Pulp Wine Shipper States eligible for free shipping: CA, Reno NV, NY* ($565 minimum order requirement)
    • FOAM Wine Shipper Free Shipping State: California. Other States may qualify for 50% freight discount up to a total savings of $110.00 if enough margins exist.  If enough margin does not exist, then the maximum discount shipping available will be provided based on allowable existing margins. Please review Terms and Conditions for other references to Foam shipments. We do not accept returns on Foam due to the nature of the foam products. We accept no liability for any damage sustained in the delivery of foam products.
  • FREE SHIPPING*:   Certain Conditions Apply: Free Shipping applies to Commercial Deliveries Only.   Certain listed states are eligible for Free Shipping for either product.  Free Shipping applies to the first $110.00 of basic freight charges. Other states are eligible for 50% discount on shipping charges up to a total of $110.00 of basic freight charges.  Orders qualifying for Free Shipping or Discounted Shipping must meet minimum order requirements of $565.00 for Kraft boxes or Molded Pulp shippers ONLY.   Orders that incur freight chares in excess of $110.00 will be invoiced or billed the difference or an amount equivalent to the remaining balance. * Occasionally due to an order configuration there may not be enough margin available for a full $110.00 shipping credit.  When those circumstance occur we will give you the maximum free shipping credit possible even if that exhaust our complete profit margin on the sale. Free Shipping does not include accessorial charges levied by the commercial carrier for either residential or inside delivery and/or Lift Gate requirement on truck to complete delivery.  The delivery carrier may assess surcharges for supplemental delivery services such as:  Limited Access Delivery, Lift Gate Requirement necessary for delivery, Guaranteed Delivery request to have orders delivered at specified times or dates, inside deliveries and or residential deliveries.  Those surcharges may run between $40.00 to $88.00 each depending on the carrier and what services are being provided.


  •  Free and/or Discounted Shipping does not apply during sale promotions.

  • Residential Delivery via common carrier:   When shipping to a residence carriers will usually assess a surcharge for that type of delivery which will be charged to you.  Orders shipped via UPS/FedEx ground will be left outside if no one is home to receive the delivery.  Drivers will not off-load or “hand-off” merchandise.  A lift gate will be utilized to move the load from the floor of the truck to ground or street level.  Carriers may also assess a surcharge for that accessorial services which will be charged to you.  Residential Deliveries are not entitled to receive Free Shipping.
  • Orders exceeding weight limits established for NMFC# 29275-02 class code  may be assessed an additional $45.00 (Class Code #29275-1).  All orders are subject to the Terms and Conditions provisions found under “Terms and Conditions” portion of this website.  Placement of order is confirmation of your acceptance of all terms and conditions.  Please review all provisions relating to Shipping found in the Terms and Conditions section.   $7.50 small order handling charge for orders less than $100.00 which may be debited in a separate credit card transaction.

  • Gorilla Shipper LLC makes every attempt to ship all orders in the most cost effective means available. On occaision it may be cheaper to facilitate shipments (including smaller size shipments) via LTL truck instead of FedEx or UPS.  Unless indicated otherwise  at order placement, we will strive to ship in the most cost effective manner.  Once orders are shipped by Gorilla Shipper or their partners we are not liable for any delays experience in delivery which are attributed to the normal business practices of the commercial carrier.  If you desire a specific delivery date or a “drop dead” date for receipt of order you will need to request either Expedited Delivery or Guarantee Delivery services which can be provided at an additional cost to you by the carrier.   Please let us know in advance if you have a preference as to which method is used for shipping.  Any additional or supplemental charges incurred in the process of delivering your order above basic freight door to door delivery or charges illustrated in the shopping cart  remain the responsibility of the purchaser.  Those additional supplemental charges would apply to special delivery needs determined by you or the carrier to include, Limited Access, Lift Gate at Delivery, Residential Delivery, Higher shipping cost for FOAM or Molded Pulp, etc. and/or Special delivery instructions or notification requirements.Customer agrees to pay the additional supplemental cost.  If shipping charges fail to appear at checkout, they will be billed at a later date. PLEASE REVIEW SHIPPING POLICY as it pertains to shipping rate fluctuations. Placement of order confirms your agreement with Terms and Conditions and shipping policy.

  • Published shipping rates may fluctuate due to product density differences.  Molded Pulp shipments can be greater in cost than shown in freight calculator and additional freight charges may be charged to your card.  Illustrated Shipping amounts are regional cost estimates. Rates may also fluctuate due to market conditions. Customer agrees to be responsible for any additional rates incurred by freight classification changes by carrier. Placement of order is acknowledgement of above and confirmation that you have reviewed and agreed to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
  • By placement of your online order you acknowledge and agree that some shipping/freight cost adjustments may be necessary and authorize Gorilla Shipper to make such adjustments to your transaction, including special services surcharges as indicated above and the absence of any applied shipping charges.